On November 14, the first lawsuit against Arbistar was presented by “AE Lawyers Experts in Fraud” in the Spanish National Court on behalf of more than 500 affected by the alleged commission by the leaders of Arbistar of the crimes of fraud, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

In the next few days we will present an extension of the complaint against Arbistar, providing new facts to the court that is aware of the procedure and incorporating new victims.

From «AE Lawyers Experts in Fraud» has requested the arrest and judicial disposition of the people who make up the top management of Arbistar for questioning.

Likewise, a claim for bail has been requested and the seizure of all the assets of the defendants, both of the companies that make up the Arbistar group of companies, as well as their leaders, in order to guarantee the return of the bitcoins of those affected who have joined the complaint.

If you are one of the thousands of people who have unfortunately been affected by Arbistar defaults, at “AE Abogados, experts in scams” ​​we offer you specialized legal advice so that you can claim what belongs to you.

From «AE Abogados, experts in scams» we want to help all those affected by this situation by putting ourselves at their disposal.

We have spent more than two months advising more than 700 people who have unfortunately been affected by this situation.

We have created a Telegram group where you can be in contact with hundreds of people in the same situation and where you can ask all the questions that arise to solve all your doubts.

If you are affected by the current situation of Arbistar, get in touch with us and we will help you.


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